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Route 23: Known as the Aggron Route. It consists of a mountain pathway that slopes downward into the next town.

Forbrest City: A somewhat large city that is secluded in the mountains. This city houses the Pokémon Fan Club and the Vemata History Museum, though the latter is fully accessed post-game. It is based on Manchester.

Route 24: Known as the Banette Route. This route is known for its covered bridge that divide the route over a deep river. The Burned Palace sits in the first part of the route. On the second part of the route, the legendary Suicune rests after roaming the region.

Burned Palace: In the distant past, this was a royal palace built to honor a legendary god Pokémon named Edakemos. However, the god grew corrupt and burn its own palace down, causing it to be banished from society. Currently, it is in ruins, save for the first floor, the second floor, and the basement, which contains a giant chimney. During the Postgame, the legendary Edakemos returns to the room with the chimney.

Novacreek City: An upbeat seaside city where its residents are often musicians. Music and Dance clubs are common in this society. On its ports, there is a large shopping center (or department store if you will) that pretty much sells anything. The eighth and final gym is located there, which specializes in Fire types. It is based on Liverpool.

Route 25: Known as the Mewtwo Route. It is the very last route before the final challenge. It consists of a large land bridge that leads to a single island.

Victory Road: The final test before the Pokémon League. For the first time, it will be mostly outdoor, taking place in a huge garden with the indoor portions having an ancient-like structure. It will be located on an island based on Isle of Man.

The Pokémon League: This incarnation of the Pokémon League is a castle in the far north of the island. First, the player would have to face the Elite Four, who specializes in Grass, Ghost, Ice, and Fighting Types. Then, they will face the champion, who uses a Miracle Eelektross as her star Pokémon. Should they prove victorious, they will be crowned champion.

Country Vemata Locations Part 3/3
This is the final part of the last section of the region, Country Vemata. It covers Routes 23, 24, and 25 as well as the surrounding areas.

For the Victory Road, I was inspired by the final dungeon of Sword of Mana, the Mana Sanctuary/Temple. This would move away from the usual cave layout, which will only happen in the first portion.

If you have any questions regarding these places, feel free to ask them in the comments!

Pokémon belongs to Nintendo.

Route 19: Known as the Garchomp Route. It is a rocky area that is close to a cavern. This path is known for its high highs that increase the might for adventure.

Stairwell Cavern- A dark cavern with slopes in the shape of stairs. Flash is needed in some areas.

Route 20: Known as the Abomasnow Route. Because of the snow spots dotted in the area, travelers would be notified that they are nearing a cold area.

Air Tower: A tower constructed on the very top of the tall mountain. The puzzles in the tower revolve around the air element, as there are wind fans that would attempt to blow the player away. The legendary Vesuzaeron resides on the pinnacle of this tower.

Steelsheath Town: A snowy town located on the summit of the tall mountain. The Move Deleter and the Move Reminder live in this small town. It is also where the player receives the Super Rod. It is based on Sheffield.

Route 21: Known as the Scizor Route. A snow-bound road located just outside of the town. The moment you step on this route, expect cold weather. Not only is the Castle near, but is gains access to a snow-covered forest.

Frost Forest: A frozen forest near the castle. The trees in the forest are all pine trees, so the snow clings onto the foliage. There is an ice-covered rock somewhere around the forest. In the highest point of the forest, a certain legendary bird of ice makes its nest.

Manashire Castle: A light-blue colored castle located at the end of the forest. In the old days, it was ruled by a noble hero and heroine. The two nobles had relied on the legendary elementals to maintain equilibrium in the land. They have also used the climate goddess to save Vemata from falling into ruin. After the battle, three towers were built to honor the elemental trio. In the present, it is home to the final cosplay salon in the game. Their courtyard, despite being covered in snow, is surprisingly warm.

Manashire City: The main capital of Country Vemata. It is also the largest city in Country Vemata as well. Its most important landmark other than its castle is the Ancient Royal Temple located outside of the city. It also has a large tree where people worship the elemental goddesses. The seventh gym is located there, which specializes in Fairy Types. It is based on York.

Route 22: Known as the Tyranitar Route. It is a mountainous pathway that leads to the Ancient Royal Temple. It is the last route to have snow on the ground.

Ancient Royal Temple: A mysterious, large, and very ancient temple that was built to honor the legendary climate goddesses. It starts from being a forest and later goes to a palace-like environment. In Crimson, the temple’s interior is very warm due to the solar exposure from the sky above. The legendary Auratsula awaits in the deepest part’s shrine. In Azure, the temple’s interior is very cool due to the icy waters in the basement below. The legendary Okesameida awaits in the deepest part’s shrine. In both versions, Team Terra stages the final battle determining the fate of Vemata!

Country Vemata Locations Part 2/3
This is the second part of the last section of the region, Country Vemata. It covers Routes 19, 20, 21, and 22 as well as the surrounding areas.

Yes, Vemata's villianous team is Team Terra, who are a group of eco-terrorists who destroy landmarks for the sake of Pokemon. Their leader is a woman, who wants the legendary to rid the world of winter/summer in order to make it more suitable for the habitats of Pokemon.

If you have any questions regarding these places, feel free to ask them in the comments!

Pokémon belongs to Nintendo.
I have decided to stay at my college for 2 more years for the BA. However, I am beginning to feel less confident about being a cosplayer. Unfortunately, I may not go to Otakon this year because of a study abroad trip. On the other hand, I may be going to new conventions in place of that one. I am not sure what I will be doing for the summer.

Cosplay Plans
I may have to retire my Dave Cosplay, but I will be doing photoshoots for Stocking, Calem and Jaune since I have not done so already. I will be thinking about newer cosplays to make. I will also consider competing, if possible. I have some future Cosplays of Characters that I am considering doing.

Kaito Shion- I have the wig for it, but not the costume.
Eren Yaeger- This would be a great idea. I am looking forward to be making this work.

Black Rock Shooter- Another old idea.
Madoka Kaname- I am a sucker for cutesy characters.

Mega Gardevoir or Mega Gallade- I could not decide.

Project Mega Evolution
I will be giving Mega Evolutions to Pokemon that did not get a chance in both XY, ORAS and Vemata. These Pokemon include Butterfree, Venomoth, Breloom, Swellow, and Tentacruel. I will not be giving Mega Evolutions to Pokemon who evolve from special stones.

Fakemon Generation B
This will be a new Fakemon Project, codenamed Fakemon Amythest and Fakemon Brass. It would take place in a Hawaii-based region. In addition, I will be adding more to Generation A in terms of items and moves.


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I am RobinsU. I may have Autism, but I can function well. I have an undying interest of Pokémon, Anime, Manga, and Video games. I am also a brony. My dream is to be a very famous cosplayer, as cosplay is a now one of my favorite things besides writing and drawing.

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